It is not just HyperText,
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Technology gives us HyperMultiMedia.

I started this example using the Earth from Paul S. Hoffman's great VRML scene honoring Chesley Bonestell and his inspiration called Landing in Sinus Roris at
Paul S. Hoffman Home Page:

I extracted the earth4b.wrl from his work, along with the art for the earth surface and the clouds, then after I ran it through VRCreator to understand it, I edited to regain transparency and the .png file and to add the motions. I have seen several renditions of this view of the Earth on TV lately, but I think this is the best I have found on the Web so far. Of course, everything could use some detail.

I like it better moving, although this motion is very fast compared to real reality
(120 sec/rev vs. 24 hr/rev).

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