It is not just HyperText, and it is more than HyperMedia.
WWWWorld Wide WebTechnology gives us HyperMultiMedia.

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HyperMultiMedia optimizes the projector and interactor sensory interface for navigation and use of the application feature set.
That means using the best combination of access technologies and content to realize the HyperMultiMedia goal. This goal is consistent success moving through the application information space to use application features.

I think the big idea here is that in order to take full advantage of the application, the user must be able to visualize how application features match up with what needs to be accomplished. In order to achieve this visualization, information is passed between the interactor and the projector. Actions are executed and information is exchanged in patterns that either enforce or inhibit trust and satisfaction. Effective transfer and use of information between the interactor and the projector will help the user to visualize and decide upon the sequence of actions that should be accomplished, and help the projector execute and consult.
Using HyperMultiMedia as the basis to identify the interactor and projector properties brings focus to what can and should be done to define the multimedia interface.

While Total HyperMultiMedia fully engages the touch, taste, feel, see, speak, hear, smell, temporal, kinetic, semantic, and empathic senses of projector and interactor, each application has its own scale.
At a minimum, this scale is achieved by matching visual, aural, and tactile accessibility properties of the projector and interactor to take full advantage of the application processing and interface capabilities.

What does HyperMultiMedia mean to your application?

Let's discuss your application so I can show you how this HyperMultiMedia concept will add to the success of your application.

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