It is not just HyperText, and it is more than HyperMedia.
WWWWorld Wide WebTechnology gives us HyperMultiMedia.

What is this HyperMultiMedia concept?

First, I want to make this point!

not just hypertext
more than hypermedia
technology gives us hypermultimedia

Yes, HyperMultiMedia is now available to help your users and your application succeed.

Hyperlinked Multiple Media HyperMultiMedia is defining and navigating a carefully bounded nD+1 information space to reward the motivated user with the desired result for the life of the application.

Definition - establish features and results; bound information space
Navigation - implement multimedia stimulus/response; integrate information space

HyperMultiMedia presents the required information to the user with multimedia techniques that encourage and reward multiple media interaction.

You can easily see that this is more than I can possibly describe in general terms.

A meaningful definition of HyperMultiMedia matters only to your specific application and the included data base.
HyperMultiMedia is manifested when the best package is presented to your user so that success is achieved.

So, First, it is a Model.
It has at least two objects,
a. the user,

[insert image of hypermultimediainteractor with sensory interface]

what is called here the HyperMultiMediaInteractor,

and b. the application,

[insert image adding hypermultimediaprojector with sensory interface]

called here, the HyperMultiMediaProjector.

Each of these objects has a set of properties.

[insert image showing <=> the multiple media communication link]

These properties enable multiple media stimulus/response exchange between interactor and projector.

[expand details of <=> to show interactive and adaptive multimedia stimulus/response properties]

Best mutual use of these properties is fundamental to the concept of HyperMultiMedia.
The true HyperMultiMedia interaction is happening when these property sets match or overlap.
This makes HyperMultiMedia scalable to every application.

The concept assumes a motivated user.
There is a feature of the application the user wants and needs.
The user wants to make the application successful.
The interactor navigates using interactive and adaptive multimedia properties and the projector responds using interactive and adaptive multimedia properties so that the desired result is achieved.

[opportunities <=> success ]

Success takes place over a carefully bounded set of data and anticipatory techniques using a multidimensional structure of multiple media objects.

What does HyperMultiMedia mean to you?

Let's discuss your application so I can show you how
this HyperMultiMedia concept will add to the success of your application.

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