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As I learn about the internet this time around from what is a continiously new perspective, I remain amazed and impressed with the advancement in capabilities. I was fortunate to have built computers worthy of the job, obtained a reasonable connection to the WWW, used a modern web browser, and met people dedicated to inventing and developing tools and techniques. These helped me to experience some of the best of this new interactive multimedia publishing tool.
True, much of this new WWW multiple media is not yet as easy to use as we might wish, and some modern equipment is necessary, but the path is here.

If you have an application that needs to communicate with a user, you need hypermultimedia now.

The Slogan

It is not just HyperText,

And it is more than HyperMedia.

www Technology gives us


Just a statement of history.
Now we can use the WWW as a hyperlinked sequence of multimedia interactions.
Thus, hypermultimedia.


Joe D. Williams
Santa Rosa, CA
or, 707 328 8298


I use this set of symbols, #8801@#8734, which I read as equalityatinfinity, as a hypermultimedia contact icon.
It states one of those great truths of nature, yet to be fully explained.

Concept Defined

First, I want to make a point!

  • not just hypertext
  • more than hypermedia
  • technology implemented on the WWW gives us hypermultimedia

The WWW is called
a 'new media'.
I say: "Just analyze!
This is a new multimedia!"
Maybe the first real multimedia publishing tool.

For more, see these.


The basic tools are X3D (VRML), HTML,
and a WWW 3D browser.

One of the tools?
Lighting and Behaviors
Space Scenes
Parents and Children


Still, the essential basics:
RunTime/Interface Accelleration.
Facilitated by W3C, ACM, ISO, ECMA, IETF,
and other open and responsible
standards and recommendations aimed at improving accessibility and utility of the www.

DOM element Properties
Image Swaps
2D screenShots of 3D


A Family Tree


All the years of My History.

Where I want to start all projects
- Joe's Garage -

Site Contents

Summary of Site Contents
A list of text topics and graphics.

HyperMultiMedia IS
your conceptual tool for all
networking communications experience, knowledge, and learning products, support, and accessories.
HyperMultiMedia, when your user gets the message you send.

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