It is not just HyperText, and it is more than HyperMedia.
WWWWorld Wide WebTechnology gives us HyperMultiMedia.

What is the HyperMultiMedia purpose?

The purpose is networking and continual improvement of information shared between information sources and information consumers using the best technological aids. Interaction is provided using the widest possible range of distributed realtime hyperlinked multiple media services.

HyperMultiMedia is about the use of human-computer interaction technology to produce this motovated information exchange.
WWW technology, from the fundamental hyperlink to current and future data base/logic/presentation standards, is the basic technology platform.

How can HyperMultiMedia help the network of your application?

Let's discuss your application so I can show you how this
HyperMultiMedia concept will add to the success of your application.

What is HyperMultiMedia?

WWWWorld Wide Web Technical and Promotional HyperMultiMedia ...
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