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I used a simple screen-capture accessory (ALT-PrtScn to get the window image to the clipboard), the Images program in Windows Accessories (Ctrl-V to drop it in), and A Square Image from trivista.com (crop to 256x256 and output as .jpg) to create this show of some 3D work on this site.

First the page opens and. if ecmadom (as used here) works in your browser, begins loading images for display at 128x128, and a small other window opens with the first image shown at 256x256.
If this scripted onMouseOver image enlargement works, then when you move your pointer over an image, this image increases in size to 144x144 and the small window updates to show this image.
When the pointer is moved from over an image, this scripted onMouseOut resizes that image back to 128x128.

Please move the small window to a location where it will not be completely hidden if focus to it is lost.
The last-selected window will stay on top. You may be able to scroll and mouseover the screenshots window without taking focus away from the small window. You may close the small window (or the big one) at any time.

If you click an image, this scripted onClick loads the .wrl file from which the screenshot was taken replacing the .jpg in the small window.
There is movement in most of these.

Notice that you are again at the point where a new main window image mouseover will load the selected .jpg in the small window. Now you want to get focus on the small window so you can interact with the 3D object, however a mouseover event will cause small window content to change! You must find a way to get focus on the small window and move the pointer to it without causing a onMouseOver event.

Try moving the pointer so that it does not move over any screenshot image - maybe by narrowing the main window to show only one or two columns - or try moving the pointer very fast, or hold the mouse key down while you move..

If your browser doesn't do all of the script, then the images may not load, or this mouseover won't work, so go to Page NOT built by Script to see the images.

It is strange for me to see these familiar objects when they aren't moving. Look at the real VRML or ecmadom examples to better see the simple animation techniques.

What do these simple image captures and data animations using w3c dom/html/css and ECMAScript mean to you?

Let's discuss your application so I can show you how this HyperMultiMedia concept will add to the success of your application.

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