It is not just HyperText,
And it is more than HyperMedia.
Technology gives us HyperMultiMedia.

I used a simple screen-capture program (ALT-PrtScn to get the window image to the clipboard), the Images program in Windows Accessories (just Ctrl-V to drop it in), and A Square Image from (crop to 256x256 and output as .jpg) to create this summary of work on this site.

If the mouseover image enlargement works in your browser, the image changes to the full 256x256 size from the displayed 128x128 size. However, the constant refresh and relayout of the page might be confusing. I am working on something to make this work better. Until then, try reducing window width to just narrow enough so the image area shows one image.

It is strange for me to see these familiar objects when they aren't moving. Look at the real VRML or ecmadom examples to see the simple animation techniques used in these examples.

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