Latest ISO/IEC Approved or Pending Approval
X3D Abstract
19775-1r1:2007 X3D Part 1: X3D Architecture and base components
19775-2:2004, X3D Part 2: Scene access interface (SAI)
X3D Encodings
19776-1:2005 Part 1: XML Encoding
19776-1am1:2005 XML Encoding Amendment 1
19776-2r1:200x Part 2: Classic VRML Encoding internal
19776-3:2006 Part 3: Binary Encoding
X3D SAI Language Bindings:
19777-1:2005 X3D ECMAScript Binding
19777-2:2005 X3D Java Binding

Listing of X3D specifications
X3D Abstract:
Language/Platform-Independent Scene Graph and Behavior Graph api
ISO/IEC 19775:2004 X3D Abstract IS Nov 2005 .html .zip
19775:2004 is the Original X3D Abstract Standard consisting of
19775-1:2004 Abstract Architecture and base components, and
19775-2:2004 Abstract Internal and External Scene Access Interface (SAI).
19775-1:2004 has been superceded by 19775-1r1:2007.
19775-2:200x Revision to align with 19775-1r1:2007 is in Planning.
ISO/IEC 19775am1:2006 X3D Architecture and base components with Amendment 1 Apr 2006 .html .zip
19775am1 is incorporated into 19775-1r1:200x
and the planned 19775-2 update.
ISO/IEC FCD 19775-1r1:200x X3D Architecture and base components Revision 1 FCD Mar 2007 .html .zip
19775-1r1:200x replaces the original 19775-1:2004
X3D Encodings:
Platform-Independent Forms for X3D User Code.
ISO/IEC 19776:2005 X3D encodings: XML and Classic VRML .html .zip
19776:2005 is the Original X3D Encodings standard consisting of
119776-1:2005 XML Encoding and 19776-2:2005 Classic VRML Encoding
ISO/IEC 19776-1:2005/Am1 X3D encodings: XML encoding: Amendment 1 .html .zip
19776-1Am1 results from 19775-1r1
19776-1Am1 will be directly incorporated into internal review 19776-1r1
ISO/IEC 19776-2:2005/Am1 X3D encodings: Classic VRML encoding: Amendment 1 .html .zip
19776-2Am1 results from 19775-1r1
19776-2Am1 is directly incorporated into 19776-2r1
ISO/IEC FDAM 19776-2r1:200x X3D encodings: Classic VRML encoding: Revision 1 internal .html .zip
19776-2r1 internal review incorporates 19776-2Am1 and supercedes 19776-2:2005
ISO/IEC FDIS 19776-3:2006 X3D encodings: Binary encoding FDIS Mar 2007 .html .zip
19776-3:2006 is the Original standard for X3D Binary Encoding
X3D Language Bindings:
Platform-Independent Internal and External Scene Access Interface Definitions
ISO/IEC 19777-1:2005 X3D language bindings: ECMAScript IS Jun 2006 .html .zip
ISO/IEC 19777-2:2005 X3D language bindings: Java IS Jun 2006 .html .zip
19777-1 and 19777-2 will be changed to reflect 19775-1r1:2007
to produce updated 19777-1r1:200x and 19777-2r1:200x
International Standards Related to X3D
ISO/IEC 19774 Humanoid Animation IS Jun 2006 .html .zip
This standard forms the basis for the X3D H-Anim Component implementation.
ISO/IEC Standards that are Superceded by Current X3D Standards.
ISO/IEC 14772:1997 Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML97) IS Dec 2003 .html .zip
ISO/IEC14772-1:1997/Amd. 1:2002 VRML97 Amendment 1 IS Dec 2003 .html .zip
The VRML97 Standards are Superceded by the X3D standards
ISO/IEC 19775-1am1:2006 X3D Amendment 1: Additional functionality FDAM Apr 2006 .html .zip
19775-1am1:2006 is Superceded by 19775-1r1:2007